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Academic Publications 
Working Papers 

Kim, S., Eberhart, R., Armanios, D. “What Makes a Winner? Quantifying Luck versus Skill in Sustained CEO Performance”


Eberhart, R., Barley, S. “The Ideology and Far-Reaching Effects of Entrepreneurship”


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Under Review

Eberhart, R., Rottner, R. Lounsbury, M.; “The Legacy of the Samurai: how the conflict between shareholder and stakeholder logics in communities affect ventures”; revise and resubmit at Academy of Management Journal


Jin, X. , Kenney, M., Patton, D., Eberhart, R. "Balancing Foreign Certification and Domestic Embeddedness as Legitimacy Changes: Evidence from Chinese Entrepreneurial Firm IPOs on US Markets" under review at Journal of International Business Studies


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