Robert Eberhart
Associate Director of Research  on Entrepreneurship and Society - Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

My research focuses on the influence of institutional change on entrepreneurship, what drives institutional change, and the effect of those changes on the types of ventures that are founded and their performance. I investigate institutional changes to uncover the forces that explain entrepreneurship and to build on theories of institutions and discern how entrepreneurship is transforming society.  I founded and ran a successful company in Tokyo and use that experience to inform my scholarship. My academic work is published in Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Strategy Science and the  Journal of Asian Business. I am on the editorial board of Organization Science, and the research committee of the OMT division of AOM. My articles have also appeared in academic books by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Springer Publications


Lake Tahoe Conference: Reversing the Arrow - How Entrepreneurship Affects Society
August 13-16,2020
University of Alberta
Guest Lectures
December 2019
Academy of Management
Annual Conference
August 2020


New PublicationStrategic Management Journal

"The Dark Side of Institutional Intermediaries: Junior Stock Exchanges and Entrepreneurship"

w/ C. Eesley

New PublicationStrategy Science

"Institutions and Entrepreneurial Activity: The Interactive Influence of Misaligned Formal and Informal Institutions"

w/ B. Skousen, J. Cheng, and C. Eesley


Research insights from institutional perspectives were incorporated into policy efforts through a bi-lateral commission with members appointed by the US State Department and METI 

Sweden Royal Institute of Technology

My research is assisting the institute to revise it country's bankruptcy laws. The report was handed over to Mikael Damberg, Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, at the 17 October, 2017. The report, "Entreprenörskap i det 21 århundradet, SOU 2016:72 (Entrepreneurship in the 21st century)" may be downloaded at the government’s webpage:


ABC News Interview

Should Facebook be regulated as a media company?

Interview at European Entrepreneurship Forum

Policy Presentation at Mitsubishi Research Center Symposium with M. Cusumano

I presented a perspective on how open innovation can work - or miss - their targets. Thanks to Shigeo Kagami for inviting me.

Stanford University

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